Robert Orfant

February 2021

An accomplished musician, painter, and craftsman living in the Mount Washington Valley, Robert Orfant has enjoyed painting in a variety of mediums over the past 30 years. His work has evolved from traditional, impressionistic landscapes to abstract and surrealistic images. His works include oil landscapes, glazed landscapes (a technique in which he layers oil paints alternately with varnish), and vitreous flux paintings. His works on display are watercolor on whiteboard vitreous flux paintings. Vitreous flux is a style of painting invented by the late David Baker, a long-time local artist, and resident of Jackson, NH.  This style of painting involves applying paint to an impervious surface, and so the artist is balancing between chaos and control as he/she crafts the image. Whether through landscapes or abstract subjects, Robert seeks to create a vivid image that draws the observer’s eye from a distance.