Robert Barker

December 2017

Robert Barker

Realist Impressionism

Rob Barker is a painter working primarily in oils.  He grew up in upstate New York and spent a lot of time outdoors, where he grew to appreciate nature and its intrinsic beauty.

After drawing for several years, he began experimenting with oil and acrylic paints but started to focus primarily on oils around 2011. His early paintings were an attempt at realism but often ended up with a more impressionistic look. After a couple of years, he began to involve more abstract elements into his painting, and these works were often almost entirely non-representational. Eventually, his work started to drift back toward realism, while also keeping some of the abstract qualities of previous paintings. His most recent work reaches further toward this entwinement of realism and abstract, often psychedelic elements, and is always detail obsessed.

He graduated from the University of Buffalo with a BFA, where he was awarded the Phillip C. and Virginia Cuthbert Elliot Painting Scholarship in 2013.

He now lives on the seacoast of New Hampshire.

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