Kris Lanzer

September 2021
Years ago, I went to University for Fine Arts and Art Education.   I studied drawing, painting,
sculpture, and installation art.  Today, I share with you a collection of wall art that spans three
Some drawings create a playful tension with visual depth on a piece of paper.   I imagine a
place that is spacious or crowded, filled with atmosphere, form, and movement.  In other
drawings, I experiment with materials and map out energetic visions.
My sculpture is process-oriented and influenced by active work like cooking, gardening, and
building.  I make use of my creativity with the materials that are found at the overlap of urban
life and garden. I think about my personal, and our collective, relationship with these materials. I
care about change, growth, how we connect, differ and coexist.
I am a multidisciplinary installation artist and the land steward/visionary at “Garden of
Sustenance” on Stark Ave. in Dover. Have you heard of  the “Dover Traffic Spiral”?  It is a
roadside art installation I made with swirls of concrete topped with over two hundred toy cars
embedded in resin. It, too, is on Stark Ave. in Dover. The art is on view for the public from the
city sidewalk. You can see images of the building process on its faceBook page: Dover Traffic

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