Jillian Benham

April 2018

I began learning the art of photography in middle school at summer camp in a very bare-bones darkroom. We would tell each other ghost stories while developing our photos under the red light until we had goosebumps. I have since pursued many other artistic passions but photography has been my longest friend.

I also adore vintage fashion and have long dabbled in vintage fashion photography. In this collection, you will see photos styled and shot by myself within the last year. I find inspiration in my beautiful friends, the great outdoors, and clothes of past generations. My goal is to honor the model and the cloth while taking advantage of the scenery and natural light. I hope to illustrate the excitement I feel when the movement of the dress, my friend’s hair in the wind, her perfect features enhanced by the late-day sun, are all captured in a still.

Also in this collection are shots from my trip to Europe last fall, where I experienced no end of inspiration. I hope you enjoy them.

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