Heather Bartle

October 2021

 Hello, everybody! My name is Heather Bartle. I have lived in Dover, NH since 2009, having moved here from southern Massachusetts with my husband and two children. Since moving here, I have earned a degree in elementary education from Southern New Hampshire University, and put that degree to use working in the Dover schools. I primarily worked in special education. As both of my children are special needs, it has always held a place in my heart. My favorite lessons have always involved the people and the history of Dover. Through the schools, I have become familiar with the Woodman Museum and I have participated in several of the “Night at the Museum” historical reenactments. Between scenes, I would pick up a pencil and paper and create various sketches of the mills and other places around me.

Eventually, I left teaching and started delivering mail for the Dover Post Office. As a city mail carrier, I was out in the community every day with the people and buildings that make up this great community. The job was often stressful, and I would journal and create sketches as a means to cope with the long days. I left the post office after two years. I, like 1 in every 5 adults in this country, suffer from anxiety and depression. I needed a break for my own mental health, and during this break, I have focused on improving the sketches of Dover that I’d become so passionate about.

Today, I find that my favorite days are spent walking around our community finding new inspiration in the architecture and people. I love focusing on bringing to life the details that I used to be so passionate about teaching. I hope each and every one of you find as much beauty in the groundwork laid by so many generations of Dover residents as I have.