Daniela Flint

February 2020
Hi my name is Daniela Flint. I am a conceptual artist. I received my bachelors degree in painting from Maine College of art and have continued producing art since moving to New Hampshire. My studio practice revolves around creating works that address our perceptions of value. The work challenges the viewer to compare emotional and fiscal value, as well as decorative and utilitarian objects. As a Latinx artist my work also references cultural duality. It took an immense amount of effort as a child to be connected to multiple cultures, which in turn led to my applying large emotional value to ordinary objects. I use appropriated commercial objects and themes from American and Brazilian culture to express my feelings toward authorship and cultural dualism. The reproduction of these objects also engages in the conversation of labor. By showing the viewer that the work is a clear replication rather than the literal object, I am showing the labor of creation. I do this by working with materials that visually demonstrate mark making and repetitive motion. This can be seen in my loose brush strokes or the layering of papier maché to build up forms. Advances in globalization have changed the relationship between production and consumption. The distance between maker and consumer masks the integral aspects of production and this shift creates a perception of phantom labor. By distancing the maker there is also the loss of recognized effort that went into the product. The consumer is left to place a perceived value onto the product that has no correlation with the time and energy that went into making the object. This value can be raised or lowered by emotional connection, utilitarian purpose, or material value. I want the viewer to gain awareness of the invisible influencer that is perceived value. Only the act of self curation will lead to the creation of perceptual value.  By appropriating and reproducing cultural signifiers from American and Brazilian culture I am not only taking authorship of these objects and themes, but I am also taking control of my identity and recreating the preciousness of childhood memories.